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 I lived in places all around the world, from Monaco, NY, Boston, L.A., Milan, Paris, London,Japan (and many more) to South Africa. I always try to get to know the real country and the real people. In S. Africa I also visited the real townships and supported women trying to survive there.

I worked with all kinds of people, from tech billionaires to immigrants. I was the founder of companies, co-founder, CEO, Manager and part of excellent teams.

I spent time with people from all walks of live, from the Top 100 (including Royals) to people who are depending on the help from a homeless shelter.


All these experiences give me a different outlook of life. Make me appreciate the right now.  And make me resent any category and boxes that are created to judge people. I don’t let any labels rule my world. I cannot do stupid and bullshit. I have no time for that. 


I like everything that makes my heart jump and makes me smile. From good food, beautiful places, spending time with people I love and I like to listen to, because what they have to say has substance. I love to laugh and be silly. And I definitely don’t care what people think of me. I cannot stand people whose whole life is just playing pretend. Just because you pretend to have the perfect life doesn’t mean you really have it. And because I see so many fakes around me I stopped to compare myself with others, because 99% of the time nothing is as it seems.


Everything I am talking about and giving my opinion about is something I am passionate about and I have experience in. I hate people who talk about something because it's trendy and this way they can make kind of a name for themself, but have actually no clue. Like talking about the hardships of being a working mother but actually the nanny raised the children. Or pretending to know about fashion, just because you buy Designer clothes, doesn’t mean you know what suits you or can style it appropriately.


I studied Journalism and politics. Actually have a masters in it. I worked as a model for decades internationally. I was on many covers of high fashion magazines from all around the world and  was the face for many campaigns for the most important designers. I worked with many great designers and photographers. I studied design in London, St. Martins College, and was lucky to deepen my knowledge in design while working in Ateliers of Designers (Westwood, Dior, Hilfiger, Pringle of Scotland) and I worked at Vogue. I started my own fashion Label, which was sold in Neiman Marcus and exclusive boutiques mostly in the USA.

I worked mainly in the tech world and for a while in the Silicon Valley as well. From Fox Interactive, MySpace, Google, Swagbucks….to just name a few.

Besides all that I am a writer, director and producer. I was lucky to work on various projects in Hollywood. I was on set with Oscar winning directors, camera and actors. Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sunderland, Donald Sutherland, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Terri Hatcher, Scarlett Johansson, Wally Pfister, Christopher Nolan, just to name a few.

And to round it all up I did some real estate development. Buying, flipping, selling, renting. I attended Harvard Business School and started a Non-Profit Organization.

Enough with the name dropping. But someone just told me to be proud of how much I already accomplished in my life. 


Currently I am CEO of I take care of all aspects of the current site, but also work on some other new upcoming projects. 

But the most important role in my life is to be a mother and wife. I don’t pretend to be perfect and it is daily a new learning curve, but I enjoy it everyday. It makes me happy and I love it. These two people stand above everything. They are my life. 

This is my life in just a few words. I hope to add many more things to my list of accomplishments. I already have more in the works. So stay tuned.



Lots of Love,



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